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"Every once and awhile an artist comes around to surprise everyone with the proficiency in an idiom naturally foreign to him or her. The saxophonist and flutist Laura Dreyer is one such artist. The Portuguese idiom of Brasil comes so naturally to her that she could almost fool even the most astute listener into believing that she is Brasilian."

- Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network


"Dreyer’s many original compositions on the album explore a full range of Brazilian styles - samba, bossa nova, maracatú, baião, samba-funk, and bolero, combining them with jazz and a few rock touches. Throughout, she demonstrates her deep understanding of the subtleties of Brazilian phrasing, as well as her own virtuosity on both the alto saxophone and flute. Vida. Arte. Amor. draws you in, and keeps you there. Laura Dreyer finds the heart of Brazil and invites us to come along. Get on board, non-stop."

- Tim Wilkins, WBGO


“..this music is the stuff that keeps you young. This is a set of utterly killer Latin jazz that hits the mark throughout.”

- Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews


"You don't need extensive music theory training or a music degree to appreciate her catchy and artful saxophone melodies...She's a musical straight-shooter who understands the value in a memorable melody. Vida. Arte. Amor. isn't a bold statement, a power play, or a grandstanding affair. It's simply an expression of joy, lovingly delivered by the talented Laura Dreyer. 

- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz


"Laura Dreyer's new disc Free Flying Bird first came to me over the speakers at J and R Records in Manhattan as I was browsing through the bins looking for interesting finds. I found a few, but the most interesting find of all was Dreyer's disc, with its infectious latin rhythms and outstanding playing."



"I have had her (Laura Dreyer's) album Mysterious Encounter on constant rotation in my stereo over the past few years. The album is a wonderful example of the grace of Brazilian jazz."

- Aidan Plank/WBOC Oberlin


"Laura Dreyer: Free Flying Bird (Sony Music Latin) In this delightful release, saxophonist/flutist Laura Dreyer captures the feel and flavor, the very essence, of her specialty, Brazilian jazz. An accomplished and varied ensemble skillfully performs eight of Dreyer’s own compositions, plus one by the eminent Brazilian master, Egberto Gismonti."

– Bob Bernotas/Just Jazz


"Balmy bossa-influenced jazz-pop from a pretty San Francisco native whose sax and flute playing do indeed suggest she's learned a bit from Milton Nascimento and Gilberto Gil records...smooth, but not that smooth. The Beatles cover is quite tasty."

- Chuck Eddy/Village Voice


"Laura Dreyer currently leads a funky Brazilian group called Mysterious Encounter. The music has a contemporary feel to it without being as vacuous as so-called "smooth" jazz. In fact, Dreyer's roots in be-bop are apparent, even on the funkier numbers. Laura Dreyer is clearly a talented musician. This is a strong debut.

- Scott Yanow/L.A. Jazz Scene


"Laura Dreyer is a very serious and passionate saxophonist with a lot to say…she has been on the New York scene for quite some time and has her own voice and personality that delights!"

– Joe Lovano


"Outstanding soloists were...Dreyer, wherever she played, powered by a Stitt-like attack"  - Ira Gitler/Jazz Times


"As the 1998 International Jazz festival at Bern, Switzerland got underway this May, you couldn’t help but notice that a big band cutting contest was in the making....Diva’s set included superb solos by Laura Dreyer"

- Keith Brickhouse/Downbeat


"Laura Dreyer and Stephanie Long, as down-center woodwind artistes Peggy and Juice, respectively play three and four instruments with a quick-change panache and stolid intensity that instantly identify them as perhaps the two most important instrumentalists in the 28-person company” 

- Matthew Murray/Talkin' Broadway

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