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Laura Dreyer is available for private instruction and can assist you in realizing your potential no matter what your age or current level of ability. Lessons can be on a regular or as needed basis and can be given at her studio or your location (if you are in the NYC area), or via skype if requested. Prices vary according to the specific details of your needs, so please contact Laura for more information.

Lessons are available for the following instruments:

Saxophone • Flute • Clarinet • Beginning/Intermediate Piano • Recorder


And for any instrument, including voice:

Jazz Improvisation • Jazz Theory & Harmony • Composition and Arranging, and more





In this workshop, we will explore some common Brazilian rhythmic patterns derived from samba, bossa nova, baião, choro, afoxé, and more. Students will then learn how to practice using these patterns while playing different styles in the Brazilian Jazz idiom, and will additionally learn how to integrate these rhythms into the jazz language. This workshop combines recorded examples combined with student participation. Students not only learn more specific and detailed information about different Brazilian musical styles, but will also have the chance to experience how to incorporate this knowledge into their practicing and performing. These exercises will help students add a new dimension to their jazz improvisation, and will also expand their knowledge of Brazilian jazz repertoire. Laura has presented this workshop at The University of Nevada/Reno, Portland State University/Oregon, Bronstein's Music/San Francisco, California, and various locations throughout New York City.


"Laura Dreyer gave one of the most well organized, well presented, and well enjoyed master classes for the Portland State University Jazz community. We were lucky to have her come and we hope to have her back in the future!" 

- George Colligan, Jazz Pianist & Jazz Area Coordinator, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


“In her clinic for our jazz students, Laura Dreyer offered a hands on practical approach for the students to incorporate Brazilian rhythms into their improvisations. Her knowledge and passion for Brazilian music was an inspiration to the students.”

- Hans Halt, Instructor of Bass and Jazz Studies, University of Nevada, Reno




This intensive improvisation workshop will focus on learning the fundamentals on comedy/theatrical improvisation as applied to jazz improvisation. We will learn many different theatre games that facilitate group communication, how to mirror energy and emotion, how to pay attention and listen on a deeper level, how to cooperate and support your fellow players, and much more. We will be improvising verbally and musically so be prepared to act as well as play your instrument. This workshop will focus on deeper ways to generate musical information form your own solos as well as from those with whom you are playing, how to become more conscious of exactly what information you are transmitting musically to your fellow players, and to create your own process that will give you access to deeper parts of your creative mind and expand your self expression. When you are able to draw in your fellow players with your improvisation you will become a more magnetic performer and the audience will be drawn into your music as well. Everybody wins! All instruments are welcome. Laura has presented "Improv Soup" at The Berklee College of Music Berklee Teachers on Teaching, The Jazz Improv Convention in NYC, Jazz Camp West in Northern California, and for the faculty of The NY POPS Salute to Music Program.


"The Improv Soup clinic was a blast! The games were so fun, and they helped us focus on communicating with each other. It was exciting to hear how those skills translated, quite immediately, to a playing (musical) context."

- Rebecca Cline, Professor/Berklee College of Music

Private Study


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